There are no classes planned for 2020.
Bookbinding workshops and classes may be taken through distance-learning, or when opportunities safely arise within our local area. These opportunities will be posted on this page as well as linked through the main CBBAG website.

All in-person programs have been cancelled. On-line programs can be found here:

In addition to this year’s electronic classes, CBBAG has a Home Study Programme. Click here for detailed information. Home Study courses offer an alternative for the core curriculum to in-studio workshops though both the Resource & Reference stream and the Monitoring streams. A watercolour paper marbling course is also available.

There were no formal classes during 2019. Chapter members, visitors, and guests were invited to bring samples of work to meetings and to suggest topics for future workshops. Members developed demos and workshops for upcoming meetings and two were carried out in the 2019 season.

Suggestions and requests included new book structures, re-purposed objects, stitch and closure variations, more marbling, paste papers, advanced pop-up forms and card workshops.


There were no formal classes in 2018.
Chapter members, visitors, and guests were invited to bring samples of work to meetings and to suggest topics for future workshops.

Alberta North’s Collaborative Project “Bound Together” was delayed over 10 weeks due to extensive page damage on the printshop drying racks. The project reprinting finished again mid-February, 2019.

“The Making of a Book” is a chapter project produced in conjunction with “Bound Together”. This is a step-by-step hands-on exhibit which encourages the exploration and appreciation of every aspect of creating an edition of a hand printed artist book.

Alberta North chapter members are currently working on a collaborative book project as well as a Canadian-themed book exchange challenge. The group project is titled BOUND TOGETHER; a collection of 36 lino prints by 12 artists.

Each participant chose three favourite subjects to illustrate, and
provided a short description for each graphic. These were combined into
individual eight page signatures. Each artist will receive a complete set of
signatures to bind in the order and style of their choice.

The annual book exchange celebrates Canada 150. Members are invited to create any book form, the only criteria being content based on the theme. The exchange will take place in November.

Bookbinding Classes in Edmonton, Winter 2016
offered by Rena Whistance-Smith
“I am proposing to teach the following bookbinding classes from January to May 2016. Because many of these classes were not taught last winter. Some of you will be renewing an interest in the craft of hand bookbinding while  others are eager to progress from the fall classes. If the dates fit your schedule please respond with your registration and get your name on the class list. I do keep a waiting list if interest exceeds my class size of 7. I look forward to seeing you in the studio this winter.

Workshops will be offered at my studio in my home in Laurier Heights community of Edmonton. Workshop fees are payable to the instructor by cheque or cash (no credit cards) when registering or at the class but I will not cash cheques until the class has been held. I have tried to be considerate of emergencies or unavoidable reasons for students to cancel out of a class at the last moment. I often do have a waiting list so a spot can be filled but a partial fee may be charged for a last-minute cancellation.

Tool kits will be available for use during class and some tools can be purchased from the instructor. The class fee includes materials unless otherwise stated. Confirmation of the class running will be sent at least 3 days prior to the scheduled class dates. I should also mention that I have a cat so if allergies are a consideration, be aware that she is around although she will be kept away from the studio worktable.”

Saturday, January 23 ( 9:30 am to 5 pm)

Course fee:  $60.00 includes materials
Introductory information and techniques that are prerequisites for further levels of instruction
Course content:
• tools, materials and bench fundamentals
• pamphlets – 3, 5-hole sewing and link sewing
• blank Coptic Journal (non-adhesive) with heavy textured paper

February 20 (9:30 am to 5 pm)
Course fee: $65.00 includes materials
Prerequisite:  Bookbinding Basics or permission of instructor
Course content:
• introduction to adhesives
• making a pad of single paper sheets
• construction of book board covers half bound with cloth and decorative paper
• assembly of book with visible sewing through all thicknesses

March 4 & 5  (Friday: 7-9 pm & Saturday: 9:30-5 pm)
Course fee:  $90:00 includes materials
Prerequisite: Bookbinding Basics & Oriental Side-Sewn or permission of instructor
Course Content:
• multi-section text block sewn on tapes with attached endbands, simple fly leaf attached
• 3-piece book board case fitted to text and finished with cloth and paper (1/2 bound)

I am proposing to teach a couple of new classes this coming spring depending on interest and if I am still at my house and have use of the studio. As I may be moving, that will determine the feasibility of offering some new challenges to students who have completed the Case binding and box classes. These classes will be offered first to CBBAG members who have pursued their skill in the craft of hand bookbinding. Students who have completed traditional structures, such as case half bound,  will be challenged with new sewing and covering techniques. Spring seems quite a while in the future but I also know that time moves very quickly.

April 9  (9:30 am to 5 pm)
Course fee:  $70.00   (materials fee of $15.00 may be charged)
Prerequisite:  Functional Boxes or permission of instructor
Course Content:
• construct a nesting 2-box enclosure in a folding case of book board that holds a small to medium sized book (brought to class by student), box will be covered in paper and/or cloth

Part 1: April 30 Part 2: May 7 or 14
Part 1 (structure and heavy paper cover)
Part 2 ( structure and vellum cover)
Course fee:  Approximately  $75.00  per date with a materials fee for vellum.
Prerequisite:  Case binding or other advanced structure and experience
Course Content:
• packed sewing of blank signatures incorporating end bands
• fitted cover of suitable paper or vellum. The finished book will be approximately 3.5”x 5”
NB: Class size may be limited to 5 depending on availability of materials

Register for any classes you are interested in by email and I will start class lists. Dates have been set by the instructor to work around prior commitments but there may be some flexibility if you express a preferred date and it is agreeable with other registrants.

Contact:  Rena Whistance-Smith at  or 780-483-5858

National Programmes
• CBBAG runs workshops and courses on a wide variety of topics in the Toronto CBBAG bindery. Courses are announced twice annually (May and November) and are posted on the national website.
• core curriculum consists of Bookbinding I, II, and III, Finishing, Restoration and Repair, and Paper Treatment for Binders, and introduces the basics of hand bookbinding and the fundamentals of book repair. All are available in-studio and all but Paper Treatments for Binders are available through Home Study

Home Study Programme
• videotaped instruction supported by detailed manuals is used to teach bookbinding techniques
• two streams are available: Resource and Reference for independent study and Monitoring, in which specialized projects are submitted for critique
• available in VHS or DVD

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