Gallery: ‘An Exhibition of the Book Arts’

Book Arts invitation

This gallery pages presents some of the works by CBBAG Alberta North members from the show “An Exhibition of the Book Arts,” which took place from 23 September to 15 October, 2009 in the foyer of Rutherford South, Humanities & Social Science Library at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  This work can also be viewed as a slideshow on our slideshow page.

Susan Colberg: Master/Student Susan Colberg
coptic bound, handmade paper, paper inlay
Susan Colberg: Positive/Negative Susan Colberg
dos-a-dos bound, handmade paper, paper inlay
Susan Colberg: ParallelogramSusan Colberg
coptic bound, handmade paper
Susan Colberg: NotebookSusan Colberg
Japanese bound, handmade paper
Jeanne Germani: Remembrance Jeanne Germani
Unique book, Coptic Binding
 Jeanne Germani: Cloudspeak Jeanne Germani

Greek Binding, Handmade Paper Edition of 5
Jeanne Germani: Journey In WhiteJeanne Germani
Journey In White
Handmade Paper, Stitched Binding Edition of 5
Jeanne Germani: GravityJeanne Germani
Boxed Binding With Found Objects Edition of 30
Wendy Hodgson-Sadgrove Lost SentinelsWendy Hodgson-Sadgrove
Lost Sentinels
Copper Slip Case, Long Stitch Journal-handmade paper cover, cotton rag pages
Wendy Hodgson-Sadgrove: Lost SentinelsWendy Hodgson-Sadgrove
Hot Shot Journal
Blown Glass Case, Shifu-white gel pen on Moriki Kozo.
Wendy Hodgson-Sadgrove: SerpentesWendy Hodgson-Sadgrove
Box and Pop Up Accordian Book -Recycled -book board and acrylic on Tyvek postal envelope
Wendy Hodgson-Sadgrove: Oklahoma SpringWendy Hodgson-Sadgrove
Oklahoma Spring
Non-Stitched Binding ñ Cyanotypes on Stonehenge, cover-treated road map
Wendy Hodgson-Sadgrove: FragmentsWendy Hodgson-Sadgrove
Barbed wire sculpture with tinted polymer lifts on Stonehenge paper. Altered photographs and letters from The National Archives
Barbara Johnston: Moon BookBarbara Johnston
Moon Book
Interlocking concertina with pop-up. Book board, Japanese paper, Painted bead
Barbara Johnston: Baba YagaBarbara Johnston
Baba Yaga
pamphlet stitched book with relief print. Embellished found wooden box
Barbara Johnston: Falling Leaves HaikuBarbara Johnston
Falling Leaves Haiku
Book board, Japanese papers, dropped spine pop-up book, digital print
Barbara Johnston: Birth Of An IdeaBarbara Johnston
Birth Of An Idea
Book board, Japanese, Italian marbled and hand made paste papers, mixed media
Dayle Lambert: Choices Dayle Lambert
Tunnel Book, painted paper
Trudy Mason: Wapiti Sketchbook Trudy Mason
Wapiti Sketchbook
Original Drawings Scanned and Printed on Opus Domestic Archival Paper, Painted with Acrylic Washes.
Trudy Mason: Secret Belgian Binding Book Trudy Mason
Secret Belgian Binding Book
Cover: Cotton, Abaca, Rhubarb with Botanical Inclusions Pages: Cotton, Abaca, Botanical Inclusions
Trudy Mason  Link-Herringbone Stitch Book
Trudy Mason
Marbled Link and Herringbone Stitch Book
Pages: Cotton, Abaca, Corn Silk, Pumpkin, Iris, Gold Foil
Trudy Mason: Link And Herringbone Stitch BooksTrudy Mason
Link And Herringbone Stitch Books
Pages: Cotton, Abaca, and Botanical Inclusions
Trudy Mason: Marbled Paper Trudy Mason
Marbled Paper
Acrylic on Paper
Alex Mcguckin: Fine Historical Bindings Alex Mcguckin
Fine Historical Bindings
With Leather And Gold Tooling
Alex Mcguckin: Half Leather Historical Bindings Alex Mcguckin
Half Leather Historical Bindings
With Hand Marbled Paper And Gold Tooling
Barbara Pankratz: InspireBarbara Pankratz
Handmade paper starbook with scanned handmade images
Barbara Pankratz GatekeeperBarbara Pankratz
Scanned collages on handmade paper, folded over binding
Barbara Pankratz: JourneyBarbara Pankratz
Handmade signatures made by international artists, handmade cover with sewing over tapes
Barbara Pankratz: My Travel JournalBarbara Pankratz
My Travel Journal
Hand cast cover, handmade paper in an accordion binding with scanned images and handwritten descriptions
Barbara Pankratz: The Cold SpellBarbara Pankratz
The Cold Spell
Mixed medium starbook, exchange with the St. Albert Paper Arts Guild
Janice Peters: The BlossomJanice Peters
The Blossom
Accordian binding, painted paper
Janice Peters: The Letterpress WorkshopJanice Peters
The Letterpress Workshop
Blizzard binding, letterpress text
Janice Peters: NotebookJanice Peters
Harrison double pamphlet binding, hand marbled paper on covers
Janice Peters: Lost and Found Janice Peters
Lost And Found
Tunnel book, painted paper
Ros Schell: Seven For A Secret Ros Schell
Seven For A Secret
Tunnel Book. Mixed Media
Ros Schell: Meander Book Ros Schell
Meander Book
Mixed Media
Ros Schell: Hand marbled paperRos Schell
Hand Marbled Papers
Acrylic on Paper
Ros Schell: Star bookRos Schell
Star Book
Star Book Mixed Media
Ros Schell: Accordion BookRos Schell
Accordion Book
Accordion Book. Mixed Media
Rena Whistance-Smith: MemoirsRena Whistance-Smith
Memoirs Of A Saskatchewan Pioneer Family
The George Mabey Family2-signature pamphlet with centre visual: handmade paste cloth on covers, painted board paper and accordion,central visual using washi chigiri-e, fly leaf of hand made corn husk paper
Rena Whistance-Smith: The SwingRena Whistance-Smith
The Swing
Theatre style tunnel book original panels of washi chigiri-e color copied, and assembled on painted parchment accordion. Book case of cloth and hand marbled paper lined with elephant hide paper
Rena Whistance-Smith: PassionsRena Whistance-Smith
A collection of handmade paper signatures made by different paperartists with their own text describing their passion. These are individually enclosed and sewn in a Medieval structure creating a pattern on the spine shot silk cover, handmade paper fly leaf and varied handmade paper signatures
Rena Whistance-Smith: Robinson CrusoeRena Whistance-Smith
The Life And Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe
1863 volume conserved and rebound with goat leather spine and corners and marbled paper by Eva van Breugel.Protective box of chintz cloth with visuals from the text inside each box and on cover
Paula Wintink: Elk Creek SoliloquyPaula Wintink
Elk Creek Soliloquy
Pen and watercolour; tunnel book structure
Paula Wintink: Things that Drive Us NutsPaula Wintink
Things That Drive Us Nuts
Found object, laser printed on commercial mill paper, constructed marbled paper box
Paula Wintink: Crabapple Tree bookPaula Wintink
Crabapple Tree Book
Pigment pen on handmade crabapple tree paper, found object, bound in flat-back spine structure
Paula Wintink: Gabriola Island CedarPaula Wintink
Gabriola Island Cedar
found cedar, handmade cedar paper cover, commercial mill textbook stab/Japanese binding.
Paula Wintink: Moon Snail BookPaula Wintink
Moon Snail Book
Accordion book, sculptural covers watercolour on paper

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