Bookbinding in the Edmonton region

Our April meeting will be held the last week of the month – date and time to be confirmed.

Our March meeting was held in the the boardroom at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church. Several of our members drive from out of the city, often in inclement weather, and we decided to reduce our meetings to bimonthly over the winter seasons.

In lieu of our January meeting, we attended the opening reception of the CBBAG Art of the Book 2018. It was held on January 24 2019  FAB Gallery, University of Alberta.

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Our Library exhibition box is available for local lending

Chapter communicators can be contacted at

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild is a national organization established in 1983 to provide contact and support for those interested in the book arts. The CBBAG Alberta North chapter has members from the northern part of the province and our meetings are held in various locations in Edmonton.

Membership in CBBAG (pronounced “cabbage”) is open to all those who share book-related interests and support these goals:
•  to create a spirit of community among hand book workers and with the book community;
•  to promote greater public awareness of the book arts;
•  and to increase educational opportunities and foster excellence through exhibitions, workshops, and publications.

The Alberta North chapter has meetings several times a year. We organize exhibitions and displays to promote book arts in the community and initiate projects challenging our members to explore new book forms and themes.

Janice Peters and Dawn Woolsey
Chapter Communicators